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“I have had a few of our advisees and high-end players work with Prodigy-Hockey and they all benefitted from their ice sessions greatly. Brian is a leader in the hockey industry in terms of skill-development and skating technique because he takes the time to research and stay at the forefront of training and teaching methods. Brian’s use of video analysis is also a unique method of helping players of all ages improve their skating stride or in-game decisions.”

Scott Bartlett
Scott BartlettNHL Agent

“As a former D-1 and professional player, and now NCAA coach, I highly urge anyone who is looking to take their game to the next level to check out Prodigy Hockey. The variety and innovativeness of the site is what makes it such an unbelievable resource. Brian has done a great job at incorporating the most effective skill work, drills, and skating analysis, and combined it with reasoning as to why, what, and how you will become better from it by means of Sports Psychology. Prodigy hockey is without a doubt one of the best tools you can use as a player if you’re serious about taking the next step. I highly recommend it to all players, coaches, and teams who are looking to gain that extra edge.”

Eddie Olczyk
Eddie Olczyk College Coach

It is my pleasure to recommend Brian as a skills coach. I met Brian two years ago when he started working with my son, who is a defenseman on a high level junior B team. During that time, my son has significantly improved his individual skills — skating, stick work, shooting, gap control, and angles due to Brian’s excellent instruction.
Brian is very savvy with technology, which he incorporates into individual and game analysis. His site is very user friendly and offers a chance to upload video on the road for instant analysis and feedback. Brian is a big believer in video as an extremely important tool for player development.
Brian possesses an incredible hockey knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm for the game. His impressive hockey background in the USHL and Division 1 and has prepared him as an instructor.
As a younger coach, Brian relates well to his players. He is quick to assess strengths and weaknesses and to develop a plan to improve in key areas. He cares a great deal for each player with the ultimate goal of playing at the next level.
I would highly recommend Brian as a skills coach for any level of player.