This is a collection of videos highlighting defensive team drills and individual player drills. We have videos for beginners, intermediate and pro levels.

Defensive Skating Drill - Open Hip Extension

Skating Drill For Defensemen: Open Hip Extension

Open Hip ExtensionThe open hip movement shown above is one…
Backwards Skating Development Drills - C Cuts

Backwards Skating Development - C Cuts

First drill isolate one leg. Work on great posture, knees bent,…
College Level Defensive Skating Drills
Backwards One Footed Edge Work and Stick Handling Drill
Erik Gudbranson Defensive Shooting Drill

Erik Gudbranson Defensive Skating and Shooting Drill

Defensive Quick Feet and Shooting DrillGreat drill from…
Backwards Inside Edge Work

Hockey Skating - Backwards Inside Edge Work

Inside Edge Work For DefensemenKeys To The DrillStart…

Backward to Forward Transition Drill For Hockey

Learn A Great Drill To Enhance Mobility on the IceLine…
Red Gendron Defensive Regroup Awareness Drill

Red Gendron Neutral Zone Regroup Awareness Drill For Defenseman

Defensive Regroup Awareness DrillUniversity of Maine Head…

Point Shooting and Skating Drill for Defenseman

Today's game is all about skating and puck movement. Practice…