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Prodigy Hockey utilizes advanced quantitative statistics and expert hockey knowledge to uncover the WHY and show you the HOW. If you’re serious about playing at the highest levels, then you need to understand how to measure and improve your game. We give you the tools to understand your strengths and weaknesses and what steps you need to take to be successful at the highest levels of play. Our research and development model gives you the latest skills, habits and tactics that are being used by the games elite players. Unlock your true potential!

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Send us your game video by uploading to our site, Dropbox, Google Drive, email or direct mail.


Game Analysis Expert Brian Keane will analyze the video and send you a detailed breakdown of how to improve your game.

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“I have had a few of our advisees and high-end players work with Prodigy-Hockey and they all benefitted from their ice sessions greatly. Brian is a leader in the hockey industry in terms of skill-development and skating technique because he takes the time to research and stay at the forefront of training and teaching methods. Brian’s use of video analysis is also a unique method of helping players of all ages improve their skating stride or in-game decisions.”

Scott Bartlett
Scott Bartlett NHL Agent

“I’m proud to partner with Brian, his passion for the game and attention to detail surpasses what I have seen from any other coach.  The program he has designed is all encompassing and neglects no part of the game, on or off the ice.  I highly recommend to anyone that is trying to develop the skills and confidence to compete at a high level to work with Prodigy Hockey.”  

Bill Sauer
Bill Sauer Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Prodigy Hockey has made me more confident in my game as a player. The skating and video analysis has given me pointers on how to improve in all areas. Brian does a great job coaching and rounding out a player’s game at all levels.”

Ryan Flanigan
Ryan Flanigan Pro Hockey Player

Brian Keane’s player development success is driven by research, innovation and hard work.  Brian invests time in researching how and why every player can improve.  He uses proven methods and great teaching images– ones that spark the athlete.  He also works as hard as any coach I’ve met–NHL, NFL or otherwise.  He keep athletes motivated because they recognize his commitment to them as people.  Any hockey player working with Brian has a 100% chance for success if they commit to his Prodigy Hockey program.

Tom Finks
Tom FinksTom Finks, Owner Pro Sports Experience Coaching Director Wilmette Hockey Association, Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame Member

For any hockey player serious about skill development and tactical improvement in his or her game the teachings of Brian Keane are a must. From the moment I saw Brian’s game analysis of my son’s performance I knew I was looking at something special. His quantified approach to coaching is the next evolution of the craft and the hyper granular skill development work is a terrific compliment. Best of all, while you’re improving as a player Brian’s sessions promote the most important part of sports…FUN!

Ted Drury
Ted DruryFormer NHL Player
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