Translatable Hockey Skills By Position


  • On ice communication skills
  • Directing instead of chasing opponents whom have the puck (angling)
  • Manipulating gap with change of speed and deception
  • Puck protection skill including 2 and 10/mohawks, maintaining speed on turns, escape/quick cuts, being physical with the puck
  • Shooting in stride
  • Changing point of release on shots
  • Shooting through screens
  • Quickness in all directions
  • Reading when to fill lanes
  • Speed behind the puck
  • Catch and release in motion and stationary


On ice communication skills
Using your partner
Great first pass
Using skating and decision making to break pucks out of the zone. End to end d rushers don’t translate to the higher levels
Winning one on one battles in zone. Manipulate opponents, force them where you want them to go. Use stick properly
Maintaining a tight gap. Smooth pivots, utilize backward c’s
Collecting and getting shots off from the point quickly and through traffic
Using the dots as a marker to defend outward from
Animation from the point. Creating space to get shots through on net
Jumping up into the play to create odd man opportunities offensively

These are just a few that I’ve studied  from watching the Junior, College and NHL levels. Now its your turn! Let us know more skills you feel translate to the highest levels. Leave comments below…..