This is a collection of high end hockey skating drills. Learn how to improve your skating with these great drills for beginners, intermediate and pro level players.

Defensive Skating Drill - Open Hip Extension

Skating Drill For Defensemen: Open Hip Extension

Open Hip Extension The open hip movement shown above is one…
Knee Touches Skating Drill

Knee Touches
Hockey Skating Posture

Hockey Skating Mechanics - Stance, Extension, Recovery, Arm Swing

Proper Skating Posture is the most important building block for…
Crossover Skating Development Drills

Crossover Skating Development - Crossover Walks

How To Increase Inside Leg Push Through For Crossovers Things…
Erik Karlsson Skating Stride Analysis

Erik Karlsson Hockey Stride Analysis

How to Skate like Erik Karlsson
power skating tight turns drill

Tight Turns and Explosive Crossover Skating Hockey Drill

Hockey Skating Tight Turns and Crossover Skating Drill This…
Hockey Skating Crossover Development Drill

Crossover Skating Development - Inside Leg Push Through

Inside Leg Push Through, Crossover Skating Technique In…
one footed edge work hockey drill

One Footed Hockey Edge Work Drill

One Footed Hockey Edge Work Drill: "The Snake" This is a…
Hockey Edge Work - One Footed Figure 8's

Hockey Edge Work: One Footed Figure 8s

Hockey Skating Forward One Footed Figure 8s This 1 Footed…
hockey stopping for beginners

Hockey Stopping For Beginners

Hockey Stopping For Beginners This…