Hockey Edge Work: One Footed Figure 8s

Hockey Skating Forward One Footed Figure 8s

This 1 Footed Figure 8 drill is great for improving your inside and outside edge work as well as your balance. During this skill drill use your inside and outside edges to generate momentum and power. The best skaters in the world can create momentum without taking a stride, it all comes from their superior edge work and glide.

Keys to the One Footed Figure 8

  • Keep a good knee bend
  • Use c cuts to create momentum with your inside edges
  • Maintain good posture; shoulders back, head up
  • Try your hardest to stay balanced, fight the urge to put your other foot on the ice. This will increase your balance and leg strength

    Backwards One Footed Figure 8s

    For the backwards one footed figure 8, make sure to use c cuts with your inside edges and again maintain great posture so you don’t fall forward.