How to Protect the Puck In Hockey

What is Puck Protection

Puck protection is the act of keeping your body in between the puck and the defender. Keep the puck in between your feet and use your gluteus maximus to shield the puck from the defender. This can be one of the best skills to learn in today’s game. Watch the video below as Sidney Crosby uses his body magically throughout the offensive zone to create chances for his team. Sid uses his great glide and body position to shield the puck. Through out this enitre sequence Sidney Crosby doesn’t show the puck to the opposition once…check it out!

Skills You Need to Be Great At To Master Puck Protection

Puck Protection in the New NHL

As you can see from the video above, being able to protect the puck and keep speed/glide is paramount to being able to create offense out of the corners. Sidney Crosby is one of the best puck protectors in the NHL. Crosby uses his tight turns and mohawks (using your hips to change the angle of your buddy in relation to the defender) to give himself time and space to make plays. The NHL is no longer a clutch and grab league; in today’s game you must be able to play with your back to the play to shield the puck from highly skilled defensive sticks. Study how players like Sidney Crosby use puck protection to enhance their games and make it a part of your game!