Justin Williams Playoff Scoring Analysis 2014

Justin Williams Skill Breakdown

Justin Williams isn’t the fastest or most skilled player on the ice. But he finds a way to score goals through timing, poise, reading plays and going to the hard areas of the ice. Justin also has the ability to catch pucks and get shots off quickly in tight areas. This is a skill most high end scorers possess and isn’t worked on enough with young players. Being able to catch a pass in stride, off either leg or off balance and still release the puck quickly is a highly translatable skill. Another great thing to mention about Williams game is his ability to get to the right place at the right time. This is another skill that young players need to practice and understand to make it to the highest levels. You can be a great skater but if you can’t read plays and have timing around the net you won’t score very often.

Justin Williams Goal By Goal Analysis

6/13/14 NYR – Justin wins the race for puck in corner and makes alow to high pass to the strong side point. Williams then heads to the net where he hangs out between the hash marks, the loose puck comes his way for a backhand goal. Justin uses his poise, timing and hockey sense to stay away from the scrum right in front of the net and he gets rewarded.

6/4/14 NYR – Justin takes away middle of the ice right over the NYR blue line. He reads the play and positions himself inside the dots. Williams executes aQuick catch and release for the goal near the hash marks.

6/1/14 CHI – Clip Starts at 0:12– Justin goes hard on the fore check to help win a battle behind the net. His line mate makes a pass to the point and Justin heads right to the front of the net to the prime scoring area. A rebound comes out and Justin makes a quick hands play to score the goal.

5/21/14 CHI – Justin makes a nice pass in the neutral zone to keep the play moving in the right direction. The puck is dumped in the left corner, Mike Richards wins a battle and finds Justin backdoor for the goal. Key plays were the won battle off the wall and most importantly Justin stops backdoor instead of continuing to skate by the net. Great teaching point for young players, stop in front or back door!

5/16/14 ANA – Dustin Brown wins a key battle on the half wall and then the strong side point gets the puck. Justin reads this and goes straight to the net. Justin goes to the tough scoring area and finds the rebound for a backhand goal.

4/28/14 SJS – Kopitar executes a scissor play with the strong side defenseman. While this is happening Justin sets up shop in front of the net. Justin gets positioning on the opposition and gets a piece of the shot from the point, he then finds the rebound for the goal. Again a prime example of Williams outstanding positioning and sense for the net.
4/28/14 SJS – Justin finds Doughty on the weak side coming out the LA zone. Doughty uses speed to get over the blue line, Justin reads this and goes back door for the tap in.

4/24/14 SJS – Justin picks up the puck right over the blue line and shoots outside the dots, puck trickles in past Niemi.