Skating Edge Work and Balance Drills

Edge work Drill: Forward 1 Footed Line Jumps

Backwards 1 Footed Line Jumps

This video highlights a great drill for skating edge work and balance. Do this drill one foot at a time. Create momentum with your inside edges doing c cuts, then when your about to hit the red line jump! Do the same thing on your outside edge, c cut and when you reach the line jump! You want to try to create momentum from your c cuts and jumps. Being able to produce speed from your edges is a must for all elite hockey players. Another thing to concentrate on is your jumps, rarely will you jump on one foot in a game but you can build muscle and increase balance by jumping with a purpose. Once you have mastered doing this going forwards, do the same thing backwards. When you are performing this backwards make sure to have great posture, shoulders back head up. If you have any questions please comment below.