How To Backhand Toe Drag

Stationary Backhand Toe Drag

Backhand Toe Drag Drill

This is a great drill to start learning and then perfect the backhand toe drag! Go up to each cone and back hand toe the puck to the opposite side of your body. As you get more comfortable increase your speed!

Keys To The Backhand Toe Drag

  • Cup the puck on the back side of your blade.
  • Have a decent grip on your top and bottom hand to drag the puck across your body.
  • Make sure to have a loose upper body while performing this drill.
  • Drag the puck to the opposite side of your body then use your body to shield the puck from a defender.
  • Perform this drill slowly like in the video above then increase speed to advance your skill level.

Watch a Pro Backhand Toe Drag

This is a great example of how to perfectly execute the backhand toe drag. Stewart has a good head of steam, gets the defense to bite on a fake shot then uses the backhand toe drag to create space to get a backhand shot off for the goal.