Mitch Marner Cross Over Skating Analysis

Mitch Marner Cross Over Skating Analysis

In this video we will be going over some of the key technical skating components of Marner’s crossover stride that make him so dynamic on the ice.If you have any questions regarding the content please let us know by commenting below.

Keys To Marner’s Crossover Skating Success

  • Body posture
  • Angle in relation to the ice
  • Outside edge control
  • Head and hands are loaded on the inside leg
  • Knee and toe through on crossover leg
  • Pushes off the balls of his feet

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Marner’s Tactical Use Of Smooth Crossovers

Marner is a master of deception. He uses his crossovers very tactically, controlling his crosses and deciding when to use his burst to get around defenders. Because Marner’s crossovers are so smooth it is very difficult for d to read how fast he is going and when he is going to use that extra gear.

mitch marner cross over skating


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