Red Gendron Neutral Zone Regroup Awareness Drill For Defenseman

Defensive Regroup Awareness Drill

University of Maine Head Coach Dennis “Red” Gendron brings you a great defensive regroup awareness drill. This drill will give your d men a better idea of the type skating, stick handling and awareness skills it takes to effectively regroup the puck in the neutral zone. Like Coach Gendron mentions in the video, have your d man keep the puck on the forehand and execute the drill without dribbling the puck. This will help your defenseman make the play much faster.

One thing I always have players focus on with this drill is taking a look to see where their teammates are before receiving the pass. It is so important to know what options you have before you receive the puck, this will make your decision making much faster once you catch the puck. This is a skill that is transferable to every level and position!