4 Puck Protection Moves Top Nhler’s Use

In this video we highlight 4 moves we teach our elite players to help them create time and space on the ice.

Below are the puck protection moves in the order that they are illustrated on the video

  • Opposite Weight Shift (Darryl Belfry Term) – Check out the picture below to see  another perfect example of opposite weight shift.  Having your weight on the inside leg allows you to use that leg to shield the puck and build a wall as we like to call it.  The inside leg has to be ahead of the puck for proper protection.
  •  The “Tarasenko” 2 and 10 Outside Edge
  •  The “Malkin”  Z Pattern 
  •  Acceleration Bump “The Duchene”

Puck Protection Opposite Weight Shift (Belfry Term)