Under Handling 3x Overs Each Way

Under Handling – Stick Handling

  • Keep puck on forehand the whole time.
  • Slide bottom hand to skate into puck.
  • Load leg when changing direction.
  • Keep your head up and maintain loose upper body.

How This Translates To The Game

At the highest levels you need to be able to collect and distribute the puck quickly and efficiently. Under handling especially for defenseman can be a great skill that allows you to move the puck with more pace. This skill also allows you to work on moving you feet around the puck, this forces you to get your hands away from your body and use your range of motion. By freeing your upper body (keeping loose shoulders) you give yourself the ability to react and make plays smoothly.

Adding to the Practice Plan

Adding this drill to a practice plan can be best done with three or four lines across the goal line. If you want players to be able to shot at the other end make sure you stagger when each line takes off. With no shooting just have all 3/4 lines go at once, once the players make it to the near blue the next set of players can go. Make sure the skaters have enough room to execute the x overs without running into each other

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