Patrick Kane Scoring Analysis 2014 Playoffs

Patrick Kane Playoff Goals 2013 – 2014 Season

5/30 LAK

– Kane brings puck in over in the blue line and stops below the circles. He takes advantage of space, drives back up towards the blue line and creates a switch with the strong side D. This play gives him space to get inside the dots. After driving his feet and coming cross the ice he shoots in stride though a screen. Kane utilizes two switches, change of speeds, space, shooting through a screen and shooting in stride to score. All of these skills are elite level!

5/30 LAK (PPG)

– Kane sets up on the half wall makes a pass to the strong side d to create space. The D man passes the puck back to him and Kane immediately sends the puck down to the goal line and then heads to the net. Kane gets body position inside the dots and catches and release a quick shot low blocker. This high to low puck movement spreads out LAK’s PK formation and Kane’s hockey sense gets him inside the dots for a quick release and goal. You see this play a lot with overload Power plays.

5/13 MIN

– The puck is dumped into the right corner and Regin wins a battle that sends the puck into the middle of the ice. Kane is the late man into the zone (being a little late to the play can work in your favor) collects the puck and makes a great move to the backhand top cheese. Kane saw that Sharp and Regin were going hard on the forecheck here so he stayed back and let the play develop, saw his opportunity won the battle to the puck and used his hands to do to the rest. Great awareness and poise from Kane to be in the right spot.

5/2 MIN

– Puck is moved from the left to the right side of the ice on the perimeter. Seabrook gets the puck at the right point shoots off the pass through traffic, the puck is tipped by Smith backdoor to Kane. Another great example of Kane’s elite positioning and awareness. Instead of being a puck chaser, Kane sees the play coming together and waits on the perimeter before heading back door.

5/2 Min

– Kane brings the left d just outside the dots coming over the blue line, he recognizes this and makes a move to the middle of the ice. He is aware of a drop pass option with Sharp and uses this to deceive the right dman and get a step on him heading to toward the net. Kane never shows the puck, uses his balance and body perfectly to shield and take the corner. Kane shoots a back hand high short side. Kane’s use of space, the dots, deception, puck protection and an unbelieveable back hand gets him the goal. This was an elite play that not many NHLer’s can accomplish. “SHOW TIME”

4/23 STL

– Kane receives a pass from Smith coming out of their defensive zone. Kane takes the puck up the left side, he checks his surroundings and as he comes over the blue he slows up slightly to let Smith and Sharp drive the net. This opens up time and space for Kane to make a decision. Kane uses the space to fire a shot through a screen low short side. Kane’s ability to be aware of his teammates and the defensive players makes all of the difference on this play. Key thing here is awareness and poise with the puck, young players can learn from Kane here as he survey’s the ice and recognizes what is given.

4/23 STL

– Kane receives the puck in the neutral zone makes a great pass cross ice to Olduya. Kane reads the speed Olduya is taking into the zone, so he heads back door. Olduya makes a great pass back door, to where can is stationed. Another great example of Kane’s great timing and anticipation.

4/17 STL

– Kane takes a chance and shoots the zone and luckily the hawks win a battle in the hash marks. Teows ends up with the puck and finds Kaner sneaking behind the D. Kane receives the puck and shoots 5 hole in stride. I wouldn’t advise young players taking this chance many times. This is 50/50 play that can end up very well or very poorly.

Patrick Kane Skill Break down

  • Reads plays and uses space extremely well.
  • Changes speed to create space and mess up opponents gap.
  • Shoots in stride and through screens.
  • Strong on the puck, wins battles for the puck.
  • Puck protection, uses body very well.

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  1. straci
    straci says:

    While his hands are impressive, they’d be less so without his speed. When you see him get those feet moving, you know something’s going to happen.

    • Brian Keane
      Brian Keane says:

      Thanks for your comment! I totally agree, his skating ability is top notch. He disguises his speed and intentions very well. This along with his hands and mind make him very dangerous!


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