Hockey Skating – Backwards Inside Edge Work

Inside Edge Work For Defensemen

Keys To The Drill

    • Start with proper posture. You should have your knees bent at 90 Degrees, weight on the balls of your feet and your upper body at a 45% degree angle. Keep your eyes and head up.
    • Execute a C Cut with your inside edge around either cone and then do the same on the opposite foot. We want to work on always being on our inside edges with this drill.
    • Load each leg so you get momentum and glide out if each edge you ride. Make sure you ride each edge fully so you aren’t hopping from one cone to the other, this should be a smooth transition.

Game Application

This drill will continue to get you on the right part of your blade (balls of your feet) and get you comfortable riding your inside edges. As defensemen we want to execute mohawks and make sure we can transition from forwards to backwards and vice versa with ease. This drill is a great foundation/building block for quick transition skills.