Alex Kovalev Demonstrates powerful shooting techniques

Alex Kovalev demonstrates powerful shooting techniques

Alex uses the flex of the shaft to create power. He emphasizes
that you must use your legs, abs and upper body to generate maximum
power. Young kids should use sticks with more flex to be able to get
the bend of the shaft you need to generate the power. As you get older
you will want to increase the flex as your strength increases. Some
of the top shooters ever used sticks with very high flexes. Phil Kessel,
Brett Hull both use 50 flexes! When you get your next stick make sure
to see if you are strong enough to bend the shaft and create the power
you need for a snap shot and wrist shot.

  • Flexes the shaft of your stick to generate power
  • Use legs, abs and upper body when shooting
  • Follow through after to shooting and point toe
    of stick towards your target
  • Players to watch- Steven Stamkos,Alex Kovalev,
    Alex Ovechkin,Pat Kane, Michael Ryder, Jamie Benn