“The Marcou” Stick Handling and Edge Work Drill

Check out this great stick handling and edge work drill. This drill is named after my former teammate and ex pro hockey player James Marcou.The “Marcou” will help you to enhance your edges and hands to protect the puck from defenders.

How to perform the “Marcou”

  • First you need to master your inside edges.
  • You most have a loose upper body and slide the bottom hand to be able to execute this drill. Increase your range of motion with the puck.
  • Do this drill slowly to start, then as you become more efficient increase your speed.
  • Verbal step by step: One skate at time, perform an inside edge c cut, this will allow you to gain speed and momentum to move to opposite side. While perform the c cut, start to bring the puck across your body to the opposite side. Then once you are all the way on the opposite side shielding the puck, use your other skate to perform a c cut and pull the puck back to the side you started on.

How does this help me in the game?

As you continue to move up levels you must be able to make quick moves and plays with the puck. This drill helps you master quick turns/cuts, while showing you how to loosen up your upper body to effective move the puck from side to side (increase upper body range of motion with puck). You won’t be able to execute this drill if you don’t loosen up your upper body and slide the bottom hand to seamlessly bring to puck from one side of your body to the other.

If you have any questions on how to execute this drill, comment below