Controlling the Controllables in Hockey

Control What You Can Control

First and foremost you must realize what you can and cannot control. You can’t control what call a ref makes or who your coach is going to put on the power play. You certainly can’t control how hard your competitors work or what stage they are at in their development. When coaches and players realize all they can control is their own effort and preparation, this can make all the difference. It is natural to analyze the stats of your competition and follow what teams your peers are being selected by. If you have a bit of anger in your belly about what others are achieving and you aren’t, good! But use this energy positively: find a way to get better! Everyone is on their own journey and if you get too caught up in the future or the past you can’t ever get the most out of the present.

How Do You Learn to Control the Controllables?

Elite prospects and Coaches all have a common trait and that is a high maturity level. Being able to have a mature outlook on where you are at in your career and having a defined plan to get where you want to go is huge. You can control your time management, allocating time to working out and studying Youtube clips or reading up on sports psychology. Have a plan to master all the different elements that make up a elite athlete. Don’t worry about what others are doing, worry about making yourself better! Having a mature outlook as parents is also a must! When parents are realistic and help young players set goals, this sets the tone for the player. Maturity isn’t easy to come by and as a parent, coach, teacher etc. if you can impart some wisdom on young players and give them some needed maturity your child will thrive. This maturity will help them as they move up levels and have to deal with adversity.

Closing Note

This has been a bit preachy, trust me I know! But take a look at your career, your child’s or your player’s and think about if their minds are in the right place or if they are wasting energy on things out of their control. Put your energy to good use, be positive and have fun while playing this great game! I can’t tell you how many hockey people I meet that don’t understand this aspect of the game and life! Preaching over.

What are you doing today that’s going to positively effect your game?